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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New to Blogging!

Ding, ding!  Hear ye, hear ye!  This is my first blog ever!  And I am so excited.  Sunday was my birthday and I received just what I wanted: a workbench.  Who would've thunk it?  It doesn't seem too long ago that I was asking for diamonds and gold and now it has changed to power tools and a workbench.  I feel so empowered!  Woo Hoo!!!

I will be doing a Spring Craft Show on March 19 at Smoky Hill High School.  I have never done as well with spring shows but just look at my new creations!  These little guys are so cute and will fit into any cubby, basket, or you can hang them as ornaments or decor.  They are about 3 x 5 (not including the ears)  And I am working on some more for fall:

And of course, my all time favorite time of year: Christmas!

Aren't the paint brush santas just the cutest ever?????

I will be offering some of my finished items as well as patterns later on when I get the hang of blogging.  In the mean time, just email me if you are interested. 

For Christmas this year, Santa brought me a band saw.  I am just itching to start using it!  So many plans, so little time.  Gotta get busy....


  1. I prefer the christmas decorations myself but that is my time of the year for going all out decorating. I also like the name of 3 peas in a pod. Good luck with the band saw be very careful and don't let my brother touch it! Amy

  2. I've always loved your Chrismas decorations. I hope you will be posting more pictures soon! Marcia

  3. Leave me a comment! Its easy! Win a prize!


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