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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Swap

I participated in an Easter Swap from Samantha's Stitcheries and Angela was my swap partner.  Angela, you spoil me!  Look at all the goodies that arrived in the mail yesterday!  I just love them all.  I'm sure many of them were handmade by Angela herself.  She is so talented!  You can visit her blog at:

I just love all the little goodies, but can you just look at the beautiful, fully reversible spring apron.  Can't wait to wear it on Easter morning.

It looks even better than this pic, just cause I'm no photographer. 

Still busy with Ebay sales, another craft show next weekend and have been working on the job with hubby.  That is even better than a Biggest Loser workout.  Makes an old woman feel muscles she never remembered having.

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Love to all.........later..............


  1. Glad you liked them all. Yep handmade. The heart is a pincushion. I almost added a note to it. Happy Easter!!

  2. I do love the apron and it looks like if you don't want to use it in the kitchen (no hints that you don't cook much), you could use it for all the canning, freezing and gardening you do. I do have to say the chocolate looks good, too. I like the pincushion and all of it, good job, Angela!


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