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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Busy weekend, missing Brandi

It has been a very busy weekend, and I am very thankful to be busy.  On Friday night, we attended Skylar's school concert where she performed with the choir and had a solo performance on her harp.  I am so proud of her.  She is such a beautiful girl with such amazing talent.

Saturday, I awoke from a dream about my daughter, Brandi.  Saturday marked the second anniversary of her death.  I miss her every day.  My dream was not bad, but rather comforting.  She was coaxing me to move forward and let me know she is okay.  But it was still a very emotional day.  Some people think that a broken heart is just a figure of speech.  I know that it is a physical ailment with actual pain.  But I managed to stay busy at home until early afternoon and then we met my daughter and her family for my granddaugher's birthday.  Brooklynne turns six tomorrow.  We went to Zoo Lights at the Denver Zoo.  If you have never been, its worth the price of admission and a cup of hot chocolate.  I would show pictures but my camera batteries went dead.

Today I set up my Christmas Village.  I still have a couple of things to do, so I will try to get it finished tomorrow and get some pictures.  I have over 55 houses, so it takes alot of space and time.  I do love it, but haven't set it up for the last couple of years. 

I sold the remainder of my spindle angels so I removed them from the sidebar and from my Etsy and Ebay listings.  I do not have the materials to make more but I am looking for some so that I can make some similar ones.

I hope you all had a great weekend.  More tomorrow....

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