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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Finished a couple of projects

Since I am thinking about doing a spring show, I made a few things for it this week.  I showed you my little watermelon raggedy in my last post.  The more I looked at her, the more I didn't like her big round nose.  So I removed it and added the more traditional triangle:
Much better....

And I finished up my next raggedy, called Bumbles, which features a bee in this little girl's arms.  I really like the way she turned out.  She is also from a pattern from Sew Many Prims, but I changed up her face and hair.  I like prims but some of it is too primitive for my tastes.

And finally, I finished up  the  Washday Clothesline from Samantha's Accessories.  I have used Samantha's patterns, along with her mom's (The Olde Country Cupboard) many times and I am always satisfied with the results.  Again, this is my interpretation.  I didn't age the pieces, used different fabrices, etc.  I think these would look great above the washer and dryer or on a laundry room door.

This washline was really easy, just takes alot of handwork.  I will probably sew up several of these.  The Santa Clotheslines sold well for me. 

I will be listing all of these at my Etsy store or you can always email me for more info. 

Next on my list is to finished those apple cutting boards.  Hope to have these done by the weekend.  I'll post as soon as I get one finished. 

Have a terrific Tuesday....I'll be back soon.....

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