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Thursday, July 26, 2012

And the stockings were hung....

So, did I tell you I love Pinterest?  Well I saw these little stocking bowl fillers and though, "Hmmmm, I could do that!!"  But I made them into ornaments and changed them about a little:

Turned out cute, huh?  All I did was draw a stocking, sew two together, add a hanger and a furry top piece.  Takes less than 10 minutes.  And here is a real timesaver on whatever you are making:  Make multiples.  I cut these pieces out four at a time, sewed them all at once, and did hand work all at once while watching Dr. Phil.  You get done so much faster.
So today I am working on fall items.  I have a few fall shows, so I am working on my new item: scarecrow bobbleheads!  Still working out some details, but hope to have a pattern soon.  I also have some pumpkins that I am throwing together....and talk about easy....more later!

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