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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sewing Kits

I was in my neighborhood Alco store on Friday and found the cutest blue mason jars.  They are really retro looking and I just knew they would be perfect for my little sewing kits:

These are so simple and sold really well for me at my craft shows last year.  They make great shower gifts.  Simply fill the mason jar with sewing supplies.  I cheat a little and buy sewing kits at the dollar store.  Then I add some buttons, or elastic, or trim, etc.  If you are making this for someone special, you might add antique buttons, embroidery floss, lace, etc.  I slightly stuff the lid....this can be tricky so experiment with the way that works the best for you.  This can be used as a pin cushion.  I always add a few pins to the top before I display them.  I add a tag that I have printed to read "Sewing Kit" and tie it and some little spool trims on with jute.  Isn't it just the cutest????

Its a beautiful day out today, so I think I will go out pretty soon and play in the dirt!

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