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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

No.....I didn't fall off the planet.....

Just had a bunch of things going on.  I did finish up the witch's hats:

I also harvested my first potatoes:

And celebrated my son's birthday:

Now its getting down to cruch time since my first show is only a couple of weeks away.  So this week  I am working on my inventory, specifically ornaments and santas.  Gotta get busy!

Thursday, August 15, 2013


As promised, here is my first shot at the reindeer  I have been working on.  His name is Reinhardt and he is a 27" beauty from a pattern from Sparkles 'N' Spirit. 

He is a real cutie.  I plan on making more.  Now, on to those witch's hats! 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I know its been awhile but.......

My seven year old granddaughter, Brooklynne spent the week with me last week, and well, frankly, I was just having too much fun to blog.....sorry!  We hiked, crafted, shopped, gardened and just enjoyed each other. 
She picked radishes from the garden and played on Grandpa's tractor.

We did our nails.

We went shopping....

And pulled weeds in the garden.

 Sugar and Smokey hated to see her go!
Cousin Skylar spent some time here too! 
Then this weekend, I split and stacked firewood.
On Monday and Tuesday I nursed a sore back.  So I am back up and running again.  I am going to go get veggies this weekend so I can do some canning.  And I have a couple of projects started that I can hardly wait to get finished:  witch's hats and reindeer.  Just wait till you see them!  So I had better get a move on and get my chores done and get back to the studio.  More to come.......