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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Still here, still busy

Sorry its been so long since I have posted but boy, oh, boy, have I been slammed.  I did a show at Dakota Ridge High School and took inventory to north of Cheyenne  for the Christmas in the Country show.  I spent one Saturday with my daughter Heidi, where we celebrated Brandi's birthday and sent letters and baloons to Heaven.  We also got our hair done and spent a great deal of time reliving some very happy "Brandi memories."

One of my big sellers this year has been my Sleepytime Santa. I have made seven, sold four, have two in Cheyenne.  I want to make at least one more for my Conifer show that takes place a week from Saturday.
  Other top sellers this year are my salt shaker angels and my "flake" ornies.  So, if you want some ideas for your shows this year, check out some of my tutorials. 

Gardening is done for the season here in Colorado.  I canned some beets the other day and froze and dehydrated some onions.  My potatoes were particularly good this year too.  I also made pickles, salsa, relish, and rhubarb. 

My granddaughter, Addyson, turns two tomorrow.  We are going to celebrate with her this weekend.

She and big sister, Brooklynne will be spending the night here Saturday after we go to the pumpkin patch.  Guess I had better go to bed early.....maybe right now!

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