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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Another weekend flies away...............

It seems like this week, like all the others seems to be flying away.  I had some type of errand to run nearly every day, and when you live out in the boonies like I do, it takes a big chunk out of your day. 

On Friday, I did my normal grocery shopping, went to weight watchers (down 11#!), bank, etc.  I ran in to an old friend in Sprouts.  We worked together about 15 years ago.  What a pleasure to catch up and have a brewski with Cindy.

I am working on some garlands.  These are easy to make and are a great seller at my shows. 

Okay, okay, it has already been established that I am a poor photagrapher, but you get the idea. Wanna make your own?  These are easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.  This one is done on a strand of 20 miniature lights, like the ones you get at Christmas.  Starting in October, you can get these at the Dollar Tree for.....ta-da....$1.  You can get them at Hobby Lobby now, but not at that price.  I like the white strands for this, but you can use the regular green ones.  Cut your fabric, or tear it if you like.  These strips were about an inch by 11 inches.  You could cut them a bit shorter if you like.  Tearing the fabric gives it a bit of a prim look.  I use a rotory cutter and it makes it fast and easy.  Then simply tie it on to the light strand.  You don't have to double knot it.  Just tie and you are done! 

Now here are a couple of tips:
      1.  If you are going to sell these, opt for the 20 light strands.  The longer ones are too hard to display.  If a customer wants a longer one, suggest a special order.
     2.  Tie between two lights and count the number of piece that fit.  Multiply it out so you know how many strips you will need.  That keeps you from getting nearly finished and running out of fabric, or having hundreds of little strips left over. 
     3.  If you are making these as a gift, or for yourself, measure where you want these to go.  If it is on the mantle, or over a headboard, you may want a 35 light strand.   These are really cute on a tree as well.....garland plus brainer!
    4.  Get creative!  These do not have to be lighted!  You can also tie onto rope or heavy jute.  You can make them prim with different homespun colors.  Mix up fabrics to use up those scraps!  Tie on snowmen, bells, birdhouses, or whatever your little heart desires!

Gotta go, my peeps.  Time to get busy. 

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  1. I have made these also and they are easy to make. Love to see your posts!


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