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Monday, July 13, 2015


I love snowmen, even in the summertime.  I have been cranking out some assorted snowmen over the last few days.

These little guys are made from those flat glass gems that you get from the dollar store.  I simply painted the backs and glued on magnets.  The secret in painting is that you paint on the eyes, nose and mouth first and when dry, paint the back the solid white color.

 Hot glue really doesn't hold well enough.  I suggest E4000.
They look good on my black refrigerator.

I also had about a dozen of those tiny little grapevine wreaths left over from another project.  What to do, what to do?  So I had a bunch of little hearts that have holes already drilled through them......

And ended up with the cutest little ornies:

I bought three of these mini muffin tins at a garage sale.  These are so much fun to hang in the kitchen during the holidays.  Here is my secret:  After these are painted I splatter paint on them and spray with a clear sealer.  To make sure I get both sides sealed and have nothing sticking to the table or table covering, I hang them from the clothesline.  Voila!
I also made a few of these lighted snowmen.  These are basically from my Seymore pattern, with some variation in faces and hats.

On Friday, I was at Sprouts and purchased apples and peaches at a really great price.  I canned all day on Saturday......but look at what I ended up with for around $15!  Yum!
Well, I had better get back to it......On to the sewing machine!

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  1. So nice to see you craftin'! What a great deal at Sprouts for all those jars you can put up now.


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