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Saturday, August 1, 2015

127 Sale or Bust......

Bright and early on Monday, my sister Sue and I are leaving on our next great adventure.  We have always wanted to do the 127 Corridor Sale also known as the World's Largest Yard Sale.  This sale stretches for 690 miles, starting in Alabama and ending in Michigan.  Sue celebrates 60 years of being on this earth on August 12, so what better time to go?  The sale officially begins on Thursday, August 6 and runs through Sunday, August 9.  We plan on being tired and happy with a new stash of treasures purchased at great bargain prices.

We have been warned....traffic sucks.....bathrooms are rare....parking atrocious.  But did that damper our spirits?????  Heck no.  We love a good challenge.  We are renting a minivan and taking our time heading down to Alabama.  We plan on stopping when we want, where we want, and enjoying the journey.

No needs for me, but I would love to find treasures that can be repurposed or used as displays.  I have heard rumors that although some prices are antique store rates, that there are still bargains to be found!

So stay tuned.  I plan to post nightly if I can.  I plan on a whole bunch of pics!

In the mean time, I have been working on a few items.
 This little tree I bought at a garage sale for $1.50.  I covered the base with homespun, added rusty bells and berries, gave it a good flocking and put a rusty angel on top.
I guess I was in a silly mood.  My normal bobblehead just seemed to need a little something extra.....I mustache you if you think he is as funny as me......See there what I did???  Guess I am just a bit slaphappy.  I have not had a real vacation in several years......

So hopefully I will have more to report on Monday night.......And if you are among the throngs of shoppers, send a howdy out to us!  Or better yet, join us for a glass of sweet tea!

And let me know.....should I call this Linda and Sue's Big Adventure.......or maybe.....Thelma and Louise.....the golden

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