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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Day 6, Hot and Humid

Today we started out in Crossville, Tn.  There were alot of vendors along the 127 route in this area. We went to a total of four or five sales, including the Cumberland General Store in Clarkrange, Tn.  We had a really hard time finding a room this time and had to travel about 100 miles off of 127 to find an affordable bed.  In fact, I called one place and she said she had a room, "but its gonna be expensive because of the yard salers."  Great.....
Here are a few pics of some of the great things we saw this week.......Lots of windows.

 Pedal cars of all ages, sizes, and makers were throughout.
Tractor seats came with a hefty price tag.....

 As did lanterns......

 And some things were, well, just weird...
 This sign seemed to have "Linda" written all over

 And the prize for the nastiest goes to this stand that was selling used undies.......

As for us, we bought some things but since the van is getting fuller, pics of our stuff will have to wait.  I bought another quilt, some spindles, more suitcases, another rack, pot lids, Christmas ornies, doilies, scrabble pieces, sterling salt shakers, and more stuff that I really can't remember.  We are bone tired and heading for an early night.  Tomorrow we are heading off to Laurenceburg, Ky
for a huge sale that supposedly has around 400 vendors.  Then we plan on taking our tired buts home.  Would love a cooler day tomorrow!

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  1. What a great adventure! I would be interested to know how you know the best spots along the way.~carolynk


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