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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fall is here.....

It has been nearly a month since I last posted.....but I haven't just been sitting around on my tushie.  This is the season for harvesting, and I have been hard at work.  Here is some of my handiwork.

So a recap is:  applesauce, baking apples, peaches, pickled beets, dill slices, sweet relish, dill relish, pickled jalapenos,candied jalapenos, salsa, pineapple chunks, dilly beans.  I also froze cabbage and freezer slaw.  I love doing this but, whew!, I'm pooped!  I also made a dozen of my canned snowmen, and a couple of these sleds:
 And a few more ornie wreaths!
And it is already show time!  My first show is Friday, Saturday of this week.  Come see me!  I will be at the Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church and School.  Admission is free and there are always fun things to sample, buy, and admire.  

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