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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Hello to all and Merry Christmas!  I just wanted to post a very short note to wish you the happiest of holidays!

Life is always busy here around the holidays but this year seems to be a bit more hectic.  Hubs was just diagnosed with prostrate cancer.  He is having bladder surgery on Dec 26.  But we are looking forward to spending time with our family.

Love and best wishes to you and yours.  Prayers for a healthy and prosperous New Year! ❤️❤️❤️

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Show Season.

Thanks for your patience, my bloggie friends.  This has been a crazy season!  After the Highlands Ranch show, I did my favorite show for Conifer Newcomers at Conifer High School.  I see so many of my regular customers, friends and neighbors there!  I also met up with some new friends.....Loved to see you Carolyn!  I just wish we had more time to visit.

This week I am at Tagawa Gardens for Grandmother's House as well as Southwest Plaza Mall for Unique Boutique.  I will finish up my show season with Applewood Arts at the Ranch Event Center in Loveland!  I have been blessed this year to have my granddaughter, Skylar to help me out.  But next year, she warns, she is off to college.

Sorry no pics, but I promise to have some next week.  Also, check out my Etsy shops and Facebook page for updates and new items.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Lovin' the Fall

Here in the Colorado rockies, fall is short and so very sweet.  We have already had a couple of snowfalls, so we abruptly go from Fall to Winter.  But what I love the most about fall is its.......
Show time!  I had two shows in September, a Vintage show in Pueblo last weekend, and have set up for a show in Wyoming on Monday.  I have really been putting the miles on my car!

A couple of pics from my set up at Simply Vintage Market last weekend.

I love doing the vintage shows because it is a new customer base who love the vintage, the repurposed and the thrill of the hunt!

I am setting up this afternoon at Highlands Ranch High School for the Applewood Arts show.  If you have never been, stop by.  There are approximately 125 vendors selling hand crafted, vintage, and food items.  We will be there Saturday and Sunday.  

A few of my recent creations.....see what you missed.....since both suitcases sold.

My little red phone sold as did both of my decorated washboards.  Many of the vintage items are gone as well.  So if you see something that you have been wanting, come on by this weekend, or email me for info.  

Off for a busy weekend.  Next week, I have a doctor's appt on Monday, hubs has a procedure on Tuesday, I am meeting a friend on Wednesday and Friday I set up for my busy show in Conifer.  Bring on the coffee!  

Thursday, October 12, 2017

October is here!

So we are half way thru October, the month of changing leaves, scary goblins, and the start of craft show season.....yikes!  To recap the last few weeks, I had two eye procedures, both minor.  I went to the Nebraska Junk Jaunt with my sis and had to come home a day early......full car!  Guess we will have to pack less clothes next time!  hehe
I had two shows in September.  Both were great.  I have my first October show next weekend.  I will be at the Colorado State Fairgrounds at the Simply Vintage Market.  I did this show last year and loved it, though it is quite a drive.  The show runs Friday evening, October 20 as a preview and is open all day on the 21st.  I have some great vintage finds as well as holiday gifts and decor.  My granddaughter, Skylar is going with me and we will spend the night down there.  She is my salvation.

I have also been busy crafting.  This item I found at the clearance section in Michaels for $4.  I painted the entire thing red and hubs helped add the wire.  Then I crackled it in an ivory tone and added the removable bow and foliage.

If you have never crackled before, it is so easy, inexpensive, and gives a wonderful aged look.  Just buy a crackling medium and follow the directions.  I used a red acrylic undercoat, ivory chalk paint overcoat, and a clear wax when thoroughly dry.

I also made a couple of floral arrangements.  The base items were purchased at the thrift store and I simply added the embellishments.

I purchased several rotary phones over the last couple of years.  Last year I painted one and it sold right away.  I am working on another this year.
This is another great use for chalk paint because it requires no prepping.  However, red paint nearly always requires more than one coat.  After thoroughly dry, I will come back with another coat.  This could take a while........

Hope your October is going well, my friends.  We have already had our first snow here.  Well, off to make my breakfast and go off to the studio to play,  er, um, work.......

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Ready for Junking

Well, it has been a busy week for sure.  I had my first show of the season last Friday and Saturday.  I was not anticipating the show to be as successful as it was, but I loved it!  A great time, super sales, and perfect weather!  Thanks to all who came out!

Leaving tomorrow for the Nebraska Junk Jaunt.  My sis and I did this last year and had a blast!  Hoping to find some great bargains for repurposing, reselling, and redecorating.
 And finally, I have begun to work on some suitcases!  This little red one was the perfect color!

 I painted this one a shiny navy blue.  These are perfect for storage, decorating, or as a gift box for that someone special.  Both will be listed in my Etsy shop when I get back.
My eye procedure seems to have been a success.  The first day was a bit uncomfortable, but I am feeling great now.  I get the other eye done in two weeks.

Talk to you soon, my peeps.  Hope to have lots of treasures to share with you!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Fall Shows on the Horizon

Yep, its September, so the Fall shows begin soon.  I am really excited!  I get to see many old friends at the show and always seem to meet new ones.  This Friday and Saturday, I will be at Southwest Plaza in Littleton for the Unique Boutique Fall Show.
I have been doing this show for years, but this is the first time it will be at the mall.  I have so many cute Halloween and Fall items.  Can't wait to show you!  Have you seen these little scrubber pumpkins?
 And who wouldn't like these little pumpkin cookie cutters?
 In addition to the Fall items, I also have been working on more Christmas.  How about these little rag heads?

 And when I was at the thrift store last week, I found these cute little ornie parts.  They were in the original packaging, unpainted, sans the ornament belly.....I have loads of those!  I painted a couple of cops....
 One fireman
 One fisherman
 And three golfers.  Aren't they the cutest things?

The next few weeks will be busy ones.  Thurs nite I set up for this show that runs Friday and Saturday.  On Monday, I have a medical procedure.  I went to my medical doctor at the end of June for my routine physical.  I showed her a small bump on my eye.  She referred me to my eye doctor.  She said it looked suspicious so she sent me to an oculoplastic surgeon for a biopsy.  The surgeon said, nope, not cancer.  However, you need to go to the glaucoma specialists.  I did that last week and was diagnosed with narrow angle glaucoma.....nothing to do with the original bump.  But if it had not been caught, it could have flared and caused severe pain and vision loss.  So next Monday, they are doing a laser procedure where they burn a tiny hole in the iris.  Supposed to be nearly painless and with little down time.  I hope so!  That Thursday, I am leaving with my sister for the Nebraska Junk Jaunt.  Hopefully with all this, I will have time to post!

Come see me at the mall this weekend!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Snowman kind of Day...

Here in the Colorado Rockies, we have had a very cool and wet summer.  My cool weather crops have exploded.  Its hard to tell how large this cabbage is, but you can see my arm under it.  With these four heads, I made 15 pints of freezer slaw and a half dozen packages of cabbage for soup.

 I've never gotten this many peas before and there are still more in the garden, not quite ready.  I will probably pull my beets and dig potatoes this weekend.  I love this time of year!
So with  camping over the weekend, harvesting my veggies, I have neglected my time in the studio. But today, I made up for it!  I had several snowmen in process, so I managed to finish them up as well as some of the centerpieces.

I have this thing about these little tart pans.  I think that's what they are.....anyway, when I see them, I buy them and turn them into, what else?, SNOWMEN!  First I drilled a small hole in each one and added baker's twine for a hanger.  I used chalk paint, but any type acrylic paint will do.  It takes more than one coat.  After the paint is dry, I used a sharpie to add the eyes and mouth, burnt orange acrylic paint for the nose, and a little blush for cheek color.  When everything is dry, I painted a bit of ModPodge around the edges and added some silver glitter.  I just love these little guys!

I don't know what exactly this is, but its some kind of spindle that I found in a mark down bin at Michael's.  I thought it looked like a snowman totem pole.  I simply added a base, painted, and used some ribbon as scarves.

A blank that I painted after drilling a hole for a hanger.  I love this gingham ribbon from Hobby Lobby.  Can you tell?
 I have to confess, I did not make this little snowman.  I bought it in a grab bag from the thrift store.  I have had the little red pitcher forever, so I just added some greenery, berries and glitter stars.  Wouldn't this look adorable on your desk or kitchen counter?
 This little ginger was in my odds and ends box.  Stuffed him in this little rusty pitcher and added some homespun.
 I made these for the first time last year and they were a hit.  I made 9 pairs today.  Easy peasy.  Just buy sunglasses from the dollar store and paint the lenses.  I add a hanger and some foliage.

 Finally, I found this rusty container at the thrift store and stuffed it full of floral.  I added a big red organza bow.  Wouldn't this look amazing on your front door?

On a side note, I usually don't say a lot about my sponsors, but this time, I just could not pass it up.  Have you ever used Craftsy?  They offer classes on just about any topic that you can think of.....quilting, sewing, fashion, cake decorating, etc.  Well, the reason I am touting this to you today is that on Monday, Labor Day, Craftsy is teaming up with Cricut and is offering an All-You-Can-Watch day.  And its free!  Over 1200 classes for free....on that day only.  If you are interested, you can use your email address to sign up.  Just click here to get started!

Well, I am off to finish up my laundry and quickly mop up the kitchen floor (during Dr. Phil commercials.  lol)  Have a great holiday weekend, my peeps!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

I know it is still August but in this house, it IS beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  This is the bed in my guest room.
I made a few things since my last post. I had this pallet type unpainted tree.  I screwed on a hanger to the back, painted and glued on some clothespins for a great photo/card holder.  What 'cha think?
Then there are a couple of ornie wreaths....always a good seller!

 Remember this little caddy from Michaels?
 Ornie filled lantern.  Lincoln logs and barbie car not

And I even had time to make salsa, relish, and sweet pickles!  

Back at it!  My first show is next month so I want to be prepared!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Sunshine and Candy Canes

This is a reposted tutorial.  I love making these every year and I know that you will too!
I love me some candy canes at Christmas, but I also like them in the summer.....I can explain. Summertime is the perfect time to make my sell-out favorite candy canes.  You start with these ugly plastic candy canes.
 I was going to edit out my shoe, but I thought you could better gauge the size of the cane (approx 32 inches)  You can find these in the Dollar Store and in Walmart.  However, the catch is that they are only available in the fall.  You can also buy them on line through Amazon, (see sidebar for link)

To cover these canes, I cut bias strips of white flannel, approximately 1" wide and as long as your fabric permits.  Starting at the crook end, wrap the cane, covering completely.  I secure the start with hot glue to hold in place and sporadically glue all the way to the bottom.  If your strip runs out, just add another and secure it with glue, slightly overlapping.  Secure at the end.

Cut one inch wide strips of the red fabric.  I used red fleece.  I like the fleece because it is stretchy and gives it dimension.  Wrap in the opposite direction that you wrapped the flannel, leaving a space between the "stripes".  Secure at both ends.

Now here is where the sunshine comes in.  I like to add glitter to my canes.  You can omit this step if you aren't a fan, but then I would ask.....What is wrong with you????  Just kidding. But glitter is a bit like Christmas icicles and Easter grass, once its in your house, it is everywhere!  Thus, outdoors in the sunshine....

I take the canes outside and using a sponge, coat each with ModPodge.  Do these one at a time. This can get messy!  Once the cane is painted with ModPodge, shake some sparkly white glue on it!  This is kinda fun.  I have a great tool I use for this:
 This is actually a parts sorter that I bought at Harbor Freight.  I sprinkle the glitter on the canes over this tray and then dump the glitter back into a large ice cream bucket so I never have to waste any glitter.  You have to work fast so that the glue will adhere to the modpodge  Let dry.  I hang them up on a makeshift clothesline so that they can dry evenly.
Once they are dry, they will have a hard, kind of sugary coating.  Take them in and embellish.  You can do it however you want.  I use jute to tie on some greenery and either a pine cone, rusty bell or pip berries.  Leave a loop in the back for hanging.  Then tie on a bow.  I always spot glue just to keep in place.  You can also add a tag.  Get creative!  If you want a more prim look, omit the glitter and tea stain.  Or wrap in homespun.  The sky is the limit!

Monday, August 7, 2017

August has arrived!

Where has the summer gone?  Earlier today, I was in the garden harvesting cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce, radishes and peas.  Guess what I am having for dinner?  I just love taking all the fresh veggies and putting them in the steamer.  Yum!

Its really cool here today, kinda feels a bit like fall.  I had an errand to run this morning so I am getting a late start.  But I have been busy!  I have crafts sitting all over the guest room.

I found these red cowbells while thrifting.  I thought they turned out really cute with the little snowmen on them!
My best seller, the Crescent Santa, take a while to make, but I have always sold out each year.  These four are waiting for hangers to be sewn on the back and tags to be stamped.
 I love this sleigh that I picked up at a thrift store.  I added the foliage and bow.  The perfect centerpiece!
 Two bears in a little red wagon....can't get much cuter than that!
 This snowman is perched inside a shiny silver toolbox.  I don't think you can get much more festive!
 Can you guess what this container is?  It is a charcoal carrier.  My sister picked this up for me.  I filled it full of Christmas balls, greenery, and a fuzzy snowman.  Set off by a wide burlap bow.  Too sweet!
I was in Michaels this weekend and their spring/summer merchandise was 80% off.  I don't buy a lot of spring and summer stuff, but I found this red wooden tool caddy for $5!  Winner, winner, Chicken Dinner!
I am working on candy canes this week.  I will try to get the tutorial posted this week.  Those large plastic candy canes are fun to do and sell like crazy!  I have about 20 of them in process.  To finish them, I have to take them outside to glitter.  It has got to stop raining to do that!

Tomorrow I have some things to do in Denver but hope to get some posts lined up for later in the week!  Have a great week, my peeps!

PS.  Squishy Grandma down 36 1/2#!!!