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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Chalkin" Away and Proud Mom and Grandma

Its been a busy couple of weeks, as always.  My daughter Heidi received her second Master's Degree with honors.  This is quite an accomplishment for a normal college student, but she has two girls and a stepson, works full time, and keeps up a 4.0 gpa.  We spent the day with her family and I think I busted a couple of buttons.

This was on the 12th and we had a three hour drive each way, but I wouldn't have missed it!  Greatest Mother's Day present ever!

The following Thursday night, I went to my granddaughter, Skylar's awards banquet.  She was awarded a highest honors sash, Art Department award in Drawing, and 200 Club award for over 200 hours of community service.  Her graduation was Saturday, the 19th.  I was so proud of her!  In addition to these awards, she also had Writing Club cords and National Honor Society cords. 
In addition, I have been trying to get some chalking done:

This is so much fun! I will be putting some of these on my facebook page soon.  It took me a while to figure out the shop on facebook, but I finally did!  There are only a few things listed, but never fear, I will get on it.  In the mean time, check out my etsy shops:  3 Peas in a Pod or Raggedy Peddler

Gardening is taking up a bit of time lately, but I so love putting my hands in the dirt!  I'm all planted and every morning I run out like a little kid to see if anything new has sprouted.  I'm off now to work on a special order and to veg a bit.  Hope your week is going great!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Love those vintage shows!

My granddaughter, Skylar and I had so much fun at our show in Pueblo.....but man oh man, it was exhausting.  It is a nearly 3 hour drive, so we left early Friday morning, drove to Pueblo, set up, checked in to our hotel, showered, went back to the event where we had a pre-show from 5-8 pm. Saturday, the show ran from 9-5, we tore down and drove the three hours home.  A lot for an old woman.  LOL.  I am sure gonna miss my little helper.  She is off to college in Montana in the Fall. How could you not have fun with this girl?
 More booth photos.  We sold the furniture the first night.  A couple of my insulator lamps sold as well.
 All of the washboards sold as well as some wreaths and miscellany.

 So my other news is that I received some of my Chalk Couture products....and love them.  My first project was this easel chalkboard that I purchased at the thrift store.  I finished this in less than an hour and I am a beginner!  How cute is this????
So of course, I ordered more/  In fact I have ordered twice.  They have two products, chalk paint (something like 39 colors) that I used in the above project and ink that I used on the coffee mugs below.  It can be set with heat and is dishwasher safe. (I tried it!)  Ink can also be used on fabric which becomes permanent once set with an iron.

Chalk Couture offers chalkboards, pillows, and a huge variety of transfers.  It is so exciting for me because it is quick and looks so professional.  Wanna know more? Check out my website.  Or if you just want to see how this product works check out this video.

Well, my friends, the first signs of spring are here in the Rockies so I have been gardening.  Busy, busy.  My daughter is getting another Master's Degree on Saturday.  This one is for Psychology.  She will be a certified clinician and goes to work at the same treatment center where she has been interning.  I am very proud and impressed that she has been able to balance home, kids, and a job and will still graduate with honors. 
 The following Saturday, my oldest granddaughter, Skylar graduates from High School.  Skylar is president of her chapter of National Honor Society, serves on the newspaper staff, and has managed to fit in a part time job and a role with a local theater company

Do I sound proud????

Well, I am off to work on a few more things that I can hardly wait to show you!  Have a great week, my peeps!💖💖