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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Ready for Junking

Well, it has been a busy week for sure.  I had my first show of the season last Friday and Saturday.  I was not anticipating the show to be as successful as it was, but I loved it!  A great time, super sales, and perfect weather!  Thanks to all who came out!

Leaving tomorrow for the Nebraska Junk Jaunt.  My sis and I did this last year and had a blast!  Hoping to find some great bargains for repurposing, reselling, and redecorating.
 And finally, I have begun to work on some suitcases!  This little red one was the perfect color!

 I painted this one a shiny navy blue.  These are perfect for storage, decorating, or as a gift box for that someone special.  Both will be listed in my Etsy shop when I get back.
My eye procedure seems to have been a success.  The first day was a bit uncomfortable, but I am feeling great now.  I get the other eye done in two weeks.

Talk to you soon, my peeps.  Hope to have lots of treasures to share with you!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Fall Shows on the Horizon

Yep, its September, so the Fall shows begin soon.  I am really excited!  I get to see many old friends at the show and always seem to meet new ones.  This Friday and Saturday, I will be at Southwest Plaza in Littleton for the Unique Boutique Fall Show.
I have been doing this show for years, but this is the first time it will be at the mall.  I have so many cute Halloween and Fall items.  Can't wait to show you!  Have you seen these little scrubber pumpkins?
 And who wouldn't like these little pumpkin cookie cutters?
 In addition to the Fall items, I also have been working on more Christmas.  How about these little rag heads?

 And when I was at the thrift store last week, I found these cute little ornie parts.  They were in the original packaging, unpainted, sans the ornament belly.....I have loads of those!  I painted a couple of cops....
 One fireman
 One fisherman
 And three golfers.  Aren't they the cutest things?

The next few weeks will be busy ones.  Thurs nite I set up for this show that runs Friday and Saturday.  On Monday, I have a medical procedure.  I went to my medical doctor at the end of June for my routine physical.  I showed her a small bump on my eye.  She referred me to my eye doctor.  She said it looked suspicious so she sent me to an oculoplastic surgeon for a biopsy.  The surgeon said, nope, not cancer.  However, you need to go to the glaucoma specialists.  I did that last week and was diagnosed with narrow angle glaucoma.....nothing to do with the original bump.  But if it had not been caught, it could have flared and caused severe pain and vision loss.  So next Monday, they are doing a laser procedure where they burn a tiny hole in the iris.  Supposed to be nearly painless and with little down time.  I hope so!  That Thursday, I am leaving with my sister for the Nebraska Junk Jaunt.  Hopefully with all this, I will have time to post!

Come see me at the mall this weekend!