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Monday, May 30, 2011

Christmas in May????

We had a lovely 3 day weekend.  The weather here in Colorado was great (a tad windy) so we got a little gardening done.  We planted our large greenhouse and garden and a few flowers as well.  I spent Sunday cleaning flowerbeds and shoveling, raking, and then nursing sore muscles.  But the most exciting news for me:  I harvested my first asparagus.  That may not be such a big deal to you seasoned gardeners, but gardening at 9000 feet is a bit different. 

So today, I decided to work on some crafts that I will be needing to get finished for my fall shows.  Just think, my first shows are in October so that leaves me only about four months to get prepared.  So this is my primitive Santa made from a pattern from the Olde Country Cupboard.  I bought this pattern over a year ago and just got around to making it.  He was really fun to do. 

I think he is truly adorable!   He is approximately 22 inches from the top of his head to the bottom of his beard.  His sign reads Olde St. Nick  and he is coffee stained for aging.   I will be listing him for sale soon for $29.99 but if you want to reserve one, just drop me an email, and I will put one aside for you. 

I also worked on some of my paintbrush santas.  I will also be listing them soon.  But I will also be listing a free tutorial so you can learn to make them yourself!  They are so cute and so much fun to do.  Great gifts and a great seller at craft shows.

Denver weather forecasts call for up to 90 degree temps next week.  If the heat starts to get to you, just pull up this blog and maybe the Christmas items will cool you off a bit....

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Foggy Sunday

It has been such a long time since I have blogged but I have not just been on the chaise eating bonbons.  Check out this picture from last week!
I actually dug that hole myself.  Can you believe it?  I actually woke up the night of this photo and checked the bed for rocks....I was so sore!  We did have snow a couple of days this week and we were still so very busy!  I did work on some of my paintbrush santas (see below) and I am putting together a tutorial so you can learn to make them too.  So easy and so cute!  Yesterday we went to Wyoming for a short visit with Heidi and Brooklynne.  But today has been very relaxing....watching recorded tv shows, sorting out drawers and other miscellaneous stuff.  Everyone needs a day like that!  Hope to have more goodies to show you soon!  Later............

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What cha doing Wednesday?

Yesterday, I had a day to work in the office and one of the things I worked on were Christmas gift tags.  They are really cute, made of card stock, embellished with vintage tatted trim, and will sell 4/$1.99 at my shows. 

I put them in sweet little cello bags.  What do you think?

Well, I am off for a day in the mountains working on the construction crew again.  Gotta make money!  Love to hear your feedback......Later............

Monday, May 2, 2011

Make it on Monday.......

Friday and Saturday I spent at a craft show in Pine Junction.  The weekend was not real profitable but I made several friends and another rag garland.  This one is really long, but is just so cute.  I have little birdhouses on this one.  I'll get a picture of it and post soon. 

Today is kind of a catch up day for me.  I have several projects started and hope to get back to working on them.  Yesterday I worked on a Christmas wall quilt project and today I have been busy printing off Christmas gift tags to prepare for fall shows.  I've decided to lay off the spring and summer shows and concentrate on making inventory for my fall shows.  I always do well with them.  I am also having some luck selling my handmades on Ebay and hope to go forward with another Etsy shop soon.  I am still working on my patterns as well, plus working the family business. 

Enough talk......later........