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Monday, May 2, 2011

Make it on Monday.......

Friday and Saturday I spent at a craft show in Pine Junction.  The weekend was not real profitable but I made several friends and another rag garland.  This one is really long, but is just so cute.  I have little birdhouses on this one.  I'll get a picture of it and post soon. 

Today is kind of a catch up day for me.  I have several projects started and hope to get back to working on them.  Yesterday I worked on a Christmas wall quilt project and today I have been busy printing off Christmas gift tags to prepare for fall shows.  I've decided to lay off the spring and summer shows and concentrate on making inventory for my fall shows.  I always do well with them.  I am also having some luck selling my handmades on Ebay and hope to go forward with another Etsy shop soon.  I am still working on my patterns as well, plus working the family business. 

Enough talk......later........

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