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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Candy Cane, anyone????

I went shopping at my sister's shed a couple of weeks ago and took some of those ugly skinny plastic candy canes off of her hands.  I wound some off'shite fleece strips around them and then some skinny strips of red for the stripes.  I aged and glittered them and when they were dry, I added an aged tag, some foliage and some vintage themed ribbon.  Here are some of them:
We have been moving our construction office this week, so I haven't finished my other projects but I did work on them.  Hopefully I will get settled and get back to working on my projects in a few day.  Mostly, I just vegged out today.  I did cut hubby's hair and groomed the puppies.  They got so dirty during the move. 

  Have a good week!

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