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Monday, October 24, 2011

Harp Concert, Snowmen

Saturday evening we went to the Cultural Center in Lakewood for a Harp Concert in which our granddaughter, Skylar, performed.  That is the most relaxing and soothing music I have ever heard, even with harp adaptations of some pop songs.  Skylar has such a talent and is such a beautiful young lady.

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 I did work on a few items on Sunday while I watched the Bronco game.  These little snowman ornies were some that I had done a while back.  I added a string for hanging ( myself, I like them to tuck into little cubbies) and hung a little circle tag on them.  Cute, huh?

Finished up some Jesus Tears on Friday and painted muffin tins.  But I ran out of paint, so I couldn't finish them up.  Nearly done with a Raggedy, a snowman bag holder and a couple of Samantha's santa clotheslines.  Guess I had better get back to work.  Thanks for stopping by!

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