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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What cha working on Wednesday????

So, I know I promised to post yesterday, but some things just are outside of my control.  I did take some pictures of some of my holiday decor.  This is my favorite piece of furniture in my whole house, my Hoosier cabinet.
I know that the pic isn't the greatest, but over the years, I have collected nearly 400 Santas, santa ornaments, and decorations referencing Santa.  I always fill my Hoosier with them as well as my curio, my shelves, my window sills, etc.  I will work on better pics for the next post.

Now, for that craft idea.  Many of you know that I love to shop at Dollar Tree.  Well I found these bags of 6 candy canes there.

Next, I tore muslin into strips about 3/4" wide and wrapped it around the cane.  In the opposite direction, I wrapped red ribbon.  You could use green or any other color, or use a check (like I did) stripe, etc.  Be creative.  Then embellish!  I tied on a string or cord hanger too.

As a tradition, I gift each of my children and grandchildren an ornament each year.  My mom used to do it for my kids.  She always said that when your child became an adult and moved out, they would have a memorable start to their own tree.  These little ornaments can do double duty.  I attached a key tag that you can find in any office supply store and wrote the name and year (one on each side) on the tag.  These can be placed on their dinner plate as a place holder as well.

There can be a lot of variations to this simple craft.  You can tea stain the muslin and tag for a more rustic look.  Instead of ribbon, you can use narrow strips of fabric.  You can use a spray adhesive and add glitter (or brush on mod podge).  I just wouldn't place a glitter ornament on a dinner plate.  You can use metallic fabric and ribbons to add a bit of glitz.  You could glue on beads, sequins, etc.  In other words, GET CREATIVE! 

Lastly, I finally got a link from Colorado's Best so if you missed my segment here it is: 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday morning!

Here it is Monday again, but this time it is even harder....I had a four day weekend!  We spent a delightful Thanksgiving Day at my sister's and my granddaughter, Brooklynne spent the night with me.  I always love having her over!  On Friday, we met her mom and baby sister for a few hours of shopping.  None of the crazy stuff.  Just a few stores.  Saturday I pulled out some of the holiday decor and got busy.  I will have pics tomorrow.  On Sunday, I finished putting out my Santas, wrapped presents and watched the Broncos win!

Tomorrow, I will have a fun craft idea for you but as for today, I am out working in Elizabeth with hubby.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Colorado's Best

Yesterday I got to shoot the segment for Colorado's Best.  It was such a fun time!  I am ready to do it again!  It was fascinating to see the behind the scenes filming.  The two hosts, Joanna and Paula, were absolutely great and made me feel comfortable from the beginning.  My son Scott came along and snapped about a hundred pictures.  Hope all of you will tune in to view the segment today at noon.
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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Colorado's Best

Well, only a couple more days now and I will film my segment on Colorado's Best.  I film Tuesday morning and the segment airs Wednesday at noon.  I put together a few things to take along:
This is a child's apron that I picked up for $1, wrote with paint "Grandma's Little Helper", attached a cookie cutter and a recipe for Grandma's Sugar Cookie.

I bought some silver-toned bells at the dollar store, spray painted them with brown primer and placed them over lights and wove in a garland.  I love the way they turned out. 
I also frosted an antique jar that I bought off of ebay a while back.  I also did a canning jar.  I used a snowflake punch and adhesive labels and adhered to the jar.  I sprayed glass frost over the entire jar and while still wet, I added a coarse white glitter. 

This is a picture of the kitchen whisk filled with chocolate candy, a sweet gift for someone sweet, who also loves to cook.

I hope you will tune in to the show, in Denver on Channel 2, and let me know your thoughts.  My website is nearly up and running.  Come by and visit!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Website

I have been working for nearly two days on my new website but I think I am over my head.  I had to send up a flag for help so maybe Scott can get me thru this before I go on television with no website.  I think I am going to demonstrate the muffin tins but I will bring my paintbrush Santas, my spindle angels (I sold all but one!), Whisk Kisses, Dollar Store Candy canes in ornaments and also the large size, my glittery baby shoe (I sold the only one that I made!) reindeer food, reindeer and snowman poop, bottle cap tags (I sold all of them too) and a couple of new ideas.  I have an idea for bottle cap book marks for Grandma and some kitchen ornaments made of measuring cups.  I will post pics once they are finished.....better get busy.....tick, tock

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

To Grandmother's House we go....

I cannot believe that it has been over a week since I posted, but with two shows last week, I barely had time to sleep.  On Thursday, Nov 3, Sue and I met at Red Rocks Country Club to set up for a boutique style show.  We shared a booth the size that I normally do by myself, but the booth looked really nice.  After we finished there, we went to the Denver Merchandise Mart to set up for Colorado Country Christmas.  This was the largest show that I have ever done with over 400 vendors.  We were sharing a showroom, which are out of the main Expo area.  Our total set up time that day went from 8A until 9P.  Grueling!  On Monday, we tore down at the mart (Sue did the teardown at Red Rocks alone on Saturday while I watched the stand) and took the merchandise and fixtures straight to Tagawa Gardens to set up for Grandmother's House Boutique.  The event started yesterday.  This is a picture of our showroom at the mart:

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The first picture is blurry since I took it through the glass.  After the first day, we decided to re-do our display in the window, so we totally moved that big fireplace to the front and moved the front display to the back.  Wow!  That was really hard work!

I will post more pictures later in the to Gma's House!