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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Website

I have been working for nearly two days on my new website but I think I am over my head.  I had to send up a flag for help so maybe Scott can get me thru this before I go on television with no website.  I think I am going to demonstrate the muffin tins but I will bring my paintbrush Santas, my spindle angels (I sold all but one!), Whisk Kisses, Dollar Store Candy canes in ornaments and also the large size, my glittery baby shoe (I sold the only one that I made!) reindeer food, reindeer and snowman poop, bottle cap tags (I sold all of them too) and a couple of new ideas.  I have an idea for bottle cap book marks for Grandma and some kitchen ornaments made of measuring cups.  I will post pics once they are finished.....better get busy.....tick, tock

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