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Monday, March 5, 2012

Home-made Monday

Saturday was a great day!  Scott and family and Heidi and her girls came to celebrate my birthday as well as Quest's (my 15 yr old grandson).  This picture shows my three granddaughters: Skylar (12), Brooklynne (6), and Addyson (4 months)
And you can really tell how tall Quest is getting as he stands next to Kim...

This is the cake we shared...Can you believe Randy put 75 candles on it?
Then after the kids went home, hubby took me out to dinner.  I had such a fun day!

I have been working on this springtime rag garland.  This one is made in white, pinks, and lavenders and lights up.  The pictures show it on my fireplace.

This would also look good in a nursery or a pastel bedroom.  I sell these for $20 each.  Email me if you want a particular color scheme.

Wednesday Scott is taking me to get my hair done and then out to lunch.  I am looking forward to a day of pampering.  All for now, my bloggie friends....

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