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Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday again!

Good morning, blogger friends!  Are you ready for another week?  Doesn't it seem like the weekends just fly by?  I wanted to show you a few items that I finished up this weekend:
This witch's hat has been in process for a long time and is finally finished.  It is my own pattern, made of painted muslin.

I finished up a few more boxes.  The lavendar one is pretty big: about 5" tall and about 9" wide.  The golden brown one is square, 3" x 3".  I also did another small blue one. 
I had this one resin item left from a few years ago.  One of the feet was missing and I found it so I got it painted.  I sold out of the others that I painted in prior years.
I love their little springy legs.  Well, gotta get to gettin' now!  Talk with you soon!

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