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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Crescent Santa

This is probably my best seller each year.  I always sell as many as I make....and always wished that I had made more.  They are pretty easy to make but the beard takes a really long time.  I sell these for  $34.99 each.  If you want one, please order early! 
This guy is pretty large.  Approximately 16" wide and nearly 20" high. It uses four pieces of fabric, sew together and stuff. 

His face is heavily blushed, and his button eyes are covered by cool glasses!
 He has a small furniture button for a nose.
The beard is made of one entire skein of yarn.  For this particular Santa, I used rug yarn.  To get the loopy effect, loop the yarn back and forth, over and over, and run through your sewing machine.  Then glue into place.  Embellish and you have a great Santa door or wall hanging!

Well, I am dog-sitting this week for my son's two dogs.  I have two of my own as well.  It is especially trying since we are having thunderstorms and two of them are frightened of the thunder. 

More tomorrow, bloggie friends.  Until then....

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