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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What a Busy Summer!

This has turned out to be a really busy summer this year!  I thought not having a job would give me the life of leisure but....once again, I was wrong!  Since I last posted, I have had all four of my grandkids over, and I enjoyed every minute of it.  Quest has been a huge help to me and has worked on a flagstone walk and moving boxes into storage.  Little Addyson, 7 mo old, is such a happy baby!
Brooklynne spent a week with me.  The dogs just love her.

One night, Cousin Skylar came over too. They are really good together in spite of a six year age difference.
 I have been working on finishing up even more projects.  More bobbleheads:
A gingerbread garland:
Some beverage markers:
And a Mitten Wall Hanging:

So even when the temp outside is sizzling, I try to work in the cool basement and think about cool weather.  Have a great week, everyone.  I will try hard not to slack the rest of the summer!

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