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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Angels, Ornies,

I love Fridays!  Friday is my day to run errands, and lately it is my day to spend with my granddaughter, Skylar.  Skylar is 12 going on 30 and is so very talented in arts, music, and writing.  So, we love to play in the studio. 

I had been working on these new ornies that I saw on Pinterest.  Mine turned out different than the example but I like them just the same.
Okay, now here is the secret.....they are made out of paint sticks.  You know, the ones that you get at Home Depot for free!   So here is what I did:  I gathered my sticks (I have an entire box that I got years ago and didn't know what to do with them)  and I clamped about 5 or 6 together. 
I used a miter saw but you can use any kind that you want.

I cut them into 4 inch pieces.  You will get two out of each stick (this size is for the one gallon size) plus you will get a third piece that has the little indent at the top.  (Save that for a later project)

Once the sticks are cut, sand off any rough edges and drill two tiny holes in each.  I put several together and drilled through all of them.  After you drill your holes, paint them front, back and sides.  I used a dark brown paint but you can use any color that you want.  While they dry, print off the words that you want on your ornaments.  I found a template on but you can also make your own.  In fact, the ones that I found were a little too big so I had to shrink them down.  I printed them out on white cardstock and then copied them onto a tannish paper.  You could use any kind of scrapbook paper that you want to as well. Skylar and I dry-brushed the edges to make them look aged.

Once the paint is dry and your words are printed, put a thin layer of ModPodge on the painted stick(front side only).  If your print on the stick shines through your paint, use that for your front side.  While the MP is still wet, put your paper words on top and use your fingers to press out any bubbles.  When dry, put another coat or two.  When dry, add your wire hanger, threading the wire back to front.  I used a needle nosed pliers to make little circles on the front side of the hanger.  Then embellish however you want.  Add bells, stars, raffia, glitter, etc.  I have a spiced glitter that I purchased from Sew Many Prims that is glitter that is lightly spiced and is a brownish color.  (smells divine, too!)  I put just a little MP around the edges and gave it just a bit of sparkle.

I also finished up a few of these angels too.  I was in Michael's last week and saw these sweet little wooden angels for a buck ea.  So I had to dress them up a bit and I think they are really sweet.

Simply, paint the body and wings the color of your choice.  I used a light buttermilk color.  Then cover the body with eyelet.  I used a narrow eyelet on the bottom so I could glue it just under the wings.  I used a wider eyelet on top.  I glued some moss on the heads, drew eyes with a marker, and glued on little stars.  For the halos, I painted some silver rings with a brown primer and glued on.  You can make a project like this your own, just use your imagination and get going! 

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  1. what size drill bit did you use? and where did you put your drill holes? I have four zip-tied together and they are cracking when I drill holes?


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