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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Christmas in July

We all have heard of Christmas in July, so now I know what all the fuss is about.  I have been working all week on items for my upcoming shows.  I am trying to get some of my best sellers done, and then I am on to new things.  I finished up another of the Cresent Santas (see last post), four of the Santa Clotheslines, four of the Wash Day Clothes Lines, four of the Santa's Long Johns, and two of the Christmas Rag Swags.

The swags have tiny red lights, but its hard to tell from the photo.   These swags sell really well and are so EASY to make.  Just take a strand of Christmas lights, I used a strand of 20 but you can use any size.  Tie on fabric strips.  That's it.  I use all my scraps and use a rotary cutter and cut strips about an inch wide and about 8 inches long.  But all the sizes don't have to be the same.  The difference in size and pattern makes it even more interesting.  This makes a great item to use as a fireplace swag, to hang on the wall over the bed, or swag over a window.  And you can make them in any color scheme.  Also if you don't want the swag to light, use rope or twine in the desired length.

Merry Christmas!

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