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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday

So a few weeks ago, I was shopping with my Granddaughter, Skylar, at Hobby Lobby.  We saw this really cool ornament in the hundreds that they have displayed and a tiny (somewhat dim) lightbulb went off in my little brain.  I think I can make that!  I think the ornament sold for $8.99.  So I bought a couple of the glass ornaments that were on sale for 50% off.  ($1)  These are large ornaments that are round but not circular.  Am I saying that right???
And then, I found an old Christmas card.  On the back piece, I traced a circle.

I took the circle that I traced and cut out and put it over the area of the card that I liked and cut out the picture.  I then cut little "darts" in the circle so that it would lay flatter.
Coat the printed side of the circle with my new best friend, Mod Podge and lay the printed side down on the clear ornament.  Now, if you are using a greeting card, it is going to be stiff.  In order for the mod podge to set up and the card to remain flat, you have to use rubberbands so the card "hugs" the ornament.
You can see that the rubberbands weren't enough so I ended up wrapping the ornament in painters tape until the glue dried.  I worked like a charm!  Mod podge will dry clear .

You need to coat the back again with mod podge.  Then for good measure coat it again.  While the second coat is still wet, go to town on the glitter. 
I added a little glitter to the inside of the ornament and an organza ribbon.  That's all there is to it....Pretty simple.
Now here are some other ideas if you want to try this project.  You could print out a Christmas scene from your computer or cut a picture from a magazine.  I think lighter paper would be easier than the card stock.  (hugs easier)  Another great idea would be a family photo.  Use a color copier so you don't ruin the original photo.  Or print a digital photo.  Wouldn't this be a great gift for a newlywed's first Christmas?  Or do one every year for your kids or grandkids to document their growth. 
 If you are not a "glitter girl" you can always paint the back of the ornament. Be creative!

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