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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday

This is an oldie but goodie tutorial on how to make my paintbrush santa ornaments.  I have been making these for years, and they sell very well at craft shows and make great gift.  I am showing you the finished product but I 'll explain how to get there.  You will need a paintbrush, any size.  Its kind of fun to buy those multipacks that are several of different sizes.  I like to make several at a time.  You paint the handle of the paintbrush in whatever red you like to make the hat.  (I used barn red)  Paint the bottom of the brush, including the metal piece that holds the brush to the handle.  Choose whatever white shade you like.  I chose light buttermilk.  I like to dip the bristles into the paint.  Its okay if the bottom of the brush has more paint than the top.

While the brush is drying, paint a circular wooden piece (you can buy them at the craft store) some shade of flesh tone.  Also find whatever you are going to use for the mustache the same shade of white that you used for the bristles.  The pieces that I used are part of a pack of "woodsies" that you can also get at the craft stores.  Its fun to experiment with this.  Sometimes I use a heart and turn it upside down.  A small star also works. 

When all the pieces are dry, blush the face and dot on black eyes.  Glue to the metal part of the brush.  Glue on the mustache.  Then garnish!  I used a metallic paint and dotted the brush handle, added a piece of warm and natural batting for the hat band, and glued on some greenery.  I also used rusty bells and wires to string through the hole in the handle. 

Have fun with this.  You could glue a pom pom on the top of the handle or top with a big bell.  Instead of dots, make a plaid pattern, or write with a black marker something like "He sees you when you're sleeping"  Or "He's making a list ...."  You could cover with glitter if you like.  Just use your imagination!

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