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Monday, November 26, 2012

Great Turkey Day

Well, I still have my belly full from Thanksgiving, how about you?  It was a great holiday.  My brother and wife were here from Dallas and I hadn't seen them since February.  My kids and grandkids were all there...that was the best part.  We had a really fun Girls Night out where we went to 'Dixie's Tupperware Party.'  This is a great little one woman play, actually played by Kris Andersson in drag.  Not for children, Dixie puts a risque spin on the traditional Tupperware party (you can actually purchase Tupperware if you want!) It was great fun!
I will be adding some new items to my Etsy shop today.  My Westie ornies have been a great hit, both at my shows and in my shop.  If you would like to have a look at my shop, here is the link:

Off to get busy!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

No wonder I am TIRED!

Last week, I finished up four, yes, count them four shows.  My Cheyenne show closed on Sunday, my Red Rocks, Unique Boutique, and Parker shows all closed on Saturday.  Thankfully, I had alot of help with tear downs.  On Monday, I set up at Grandmother's House, and on Tuesday, I picked up my unsold items from Cheyenne.  I was scheduled to work a shift today and tomorrow for Grandmother's House and Saturday is tear down.  Wow! 

Sales have been good this year.  Some of my new items have been great sellers, such as my felt trees, my bobbleheads, and my snickers bars.  Old favorites continue to be snowman poop, pillows, and Crescent Santas.  I am already thinking of new items for next year!  I have one small local show to go and then I will get out of craft mode until next year!

Hopefully, I will have some pics later in the week.  Until then, my bloggie friends, have a good week......

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Its only Tuesday and I'm tired....

So, I had a clear brain fart yesterday.  I drove north of Cheyenne to the Christmas in the Country show to pick up my stuff that did not sell.  It is about 200 miles from here.  I stopped in Cheyenne and picked up my daughter, Heidi for lunch and then drove up to the show.  Uh, oh....wrong Monday.  The show was still going on!  What a senile moment!  I wasted a whole day and a tank of gas because I didn't check out all my facts.  How embarrassing!

Today I took the girls to the groomer.  It had been a year since anyone but me had done it......and I am so ashamed.  They look really great now!
Now its just the countdown for the shows this week.  I have been making reindeer poop, reindeer food and lucky pennies today.  I also finished up another Christmas Angel Annie.

Gotta run, my bloggie friends.  Come see me this weekend!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy weekend!

I hardly know what to do with myself since I have not scheduled a show this weekend.  So I have been busy in the studio, working feverishly on different things.  At my Conifer show, my long johns were quite a hit, and I sold every one.  So I made up a few more:

I tried a new item, kind of design on the go:  little felt trees, made from felt squares and a wooden candlestick that you get at the craft store.  I embellished with rusty wire and bells, a wooden star, and a teeny bit of ultra fine glitter:

They turned out really cute.  And are so easy!  Well I am off to finish up some more ornies, and I have four crescent santas in process.  Better get to it!