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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Its only Tuesday and I'm tired....

So, I had a clear brain fart yesterday.  I drove north of Cheyenne to the Christmas in the Country show to pick up my stuff that did not sell.  It is about 200 miles from here.  I stopped in Cheyenne and picked up my daughter, Heidi for lunch and then drove up to the show.  Uh, oh....wrong Monday.  The show was still going on!  What a senile moment!  I wasted a whole day and a tank of gas because I didn't check out all my facts.  How embarrassing!

Today I took the girls to the groomer.  It had been a year since anyone but me had done it......and I am so ashamed.  They look really great now!
Now its just the countdown for the shows this week.  I have been making reindeer poop, reindeer food and lucky pennies today.  I also finished up another Christmas Angel Annie.

Gotta run, my bloggie friends.  Come see me this weekend!

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