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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

No wonder I am TIRED!

Last week, I finished up four, yes, count them four shows.  My Cheyenne show closed on Sunday, my Red Rocks, Unique Boutique, and Parker shows all closed on Saturday.  Thankfully, I had alot of help with tear downs.  On Monday, I set up at Grandmother's House, and on Tuesday, I picked up my unsold items from Cheyenne.  I was scheduled to work a shift today and tomorrow for Grandmother's House and Saturday is tear down.  Wow! 

Sales have been good this year.  Some of my new items have been great sellers, such as my felt trees, my bobbleheads, and my snickers bars.  Old favorites continue to be snowman poop, pillows, and Crescent Santas.  I am already thinking of new items for next year!  I have one small local show to go and then I will get out of craft mode until next year!

Hopefully, I will have some pics later in the week.  Until then, my bloggie friends, have a good week......

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