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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A bonus post....

It seems like sometimes I get so caught up in things that I don't get around to posting, and then there are other days....Well, anyway, I don't know about you, but sometimes I get an idea for something while I am sleeping.  I think this particular idea came from this really cute snowman that an artisan was selling at a craft show.  She had taken mismatched salt and pepper shakers and put a styrofoam head on it and filled the shaker with glitter.  I thought,  "I am going to try to make them."  Well, I bought the shakers, the styrofoam balls, and I had plenty of glitter.  That was a few months ago and I have never done anything with it.  Then I had this dream or vision, or night time idea that instead of snowmen, maybe angels......
So, I started with this:

The salt shakers were 2/$1 at Dollar Tree and the little wooden butterflies were $.25 at Michaels.  I had the balls which are flat on one end.

And this:
These flurries are seasonal, so if you plan to make them for next year, buy some now because they are really seasonal.  You could use glitter, but that gets a bit expensive and these flurries add just the right amount of sparkle.
Paint the balls a flesh color.  Here is a trick for you.  Put masking tape, sticky side up on your work space.  Tape it down so it doesn't move.  Put those balls on the tape and they will not move while you paint them.  If you tape them to a piece of cardboard, you can turn the board so that you can get to all sides.
Paint the butterflies (wings) white.  You need to paint both sides and don't forget that little bit that is the depth of the wood. 
If you are using acrylic paint, these will dry pretty quickly.  While they are drying, I lightly fill the shakers with the flurries and replace the top.  Now is a good time to gather supplies like lace, beads, etc for finishing off your angels. 

When the heads are dry, create hair by painting on white glue and using the hair of your choice

For the hair, I used black glitter.  You could use fiber, moss, doll hair, etc.  I put each head on a pen or stick so my fingers didn't get in the glue.
Then assemble!  I used bits of lace to trim, little beads and pearls, and some crocheted trim around the "necks", and silver key rings, hoop earrings, and gold ribbon for halos.  I made each one a bit different.  Use either black paint or marker for the eyes and blush for the cheeks. 
The angel in the center is made from a mismatched shaker that I had.

One has a hoop earring for a halo, one has some gold wired ribbon.
I had a tiny circle of battenburg lace.  She also has an orphan earring for a halo.

Two different halos, laces, wings, and neck trim. 
Use this idea for a creative gift, decoration, stocking stuffer. 

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