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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

And the stockings were hung....

I finished my last show on Friday, a small one at WJeffco Elementary.  Though I love doing shows, my inventory is depleted, as is my energy.  It was a great year in sales and I am thankful for all of those who purchased, ordered, and made each show enjoyable. 

So now what?  Well, after packing away all of my inventory, I started digging out my Christmas decorations.  I have a huge collection of Santas so they have begun to take their places in and among my things.  I smile as I unpack each and every one.  Last Saturday, we took the grands to cut a tree.  It was so warm that we only wore sweatshirts and there was not one speck of snow on the ground. 

The puppies wore their Christmas dresses with jingle bells, and we all had a fun but tiring time.  The monster tree was cut down at home and yesterday I finally got the lights on.

The stockings are now hung on the fireplace, most of my shopping is done, I have wrapped most of the gifts, so I am nearly done.  I have a great idea for a new craft item, so as soon as I finish my order and clean up my messes, I will get busy and post! 

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