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Monday, February 25, 2013

Let it snow!

More snow this weekend.....No wonder I am having a hard time thinking about Spring.  We celebrated my grandson's 16 birthday yesterday.  He is such a sweet boy.
Today, since I just can't seem to get going on my spring stuff, I finished up some candy canes....yes, candy canes.  Another dollar store find, these plastic candy canes come six in a package.  But they are that ugly cheap looking plastic.
I wrap them with whatever I have on hand.  The red and black check is an old flannel shirt of my husband's that I cut into strips.  You can see old ribbon and homespun.  I like the primitive look, but you can use what ever you like.  If its bright colors that you like, use those.  You can even wrap with muslin scraps and then add a colored ribbon to simulate the stripes.
I like to start on the bottom or straight end.  Put a little dab of hot glue and hold a corner of the fabric over the end.

Wrap the fabric or ribbon on the diagonal, being careful to overlap each wrap so the plastic cane doesn't show through.  When you get to the end, put a little hot glue on the tip and fold in the fabric.  Trim as needed.

Here are several that I finished up earlier today.
I used fabric, wired ribbon, paper ribbon, etc for these.  Experiment with them.  This is also a great craft for your kids or grandkids.  Just make sure you substitute the hot glue for a white glue (it'll take longer to dry) or you do the gluing.  And just a little Martha Stewart tip, keep some cold water in a cup or small bowl when you are using the glue gun.  It really helps to dip your fingers in it if you get some hot glue stuck to the tips.

Now, if you didn't stock up on the candy canes during the holidays like I did, just be patient.  Put this little tutorial on your pin board, or bookmark it for later.  If you can't find candy canes on line right now, the dollar store will start selling them again in October.


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