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Monday, May 20, 2013

Gift Card Holders

I got a new pattern from Country Whims to make these really cute snowman gift card holders.  I made ten of them to start....
Aren't they adorable?  The gift card pocket is a bit snug, so I will make them a bit bigger on the next go around. 

Since the weather has finally started to warm up a bit, I have been spending more time outside, gardening, cleaning up the yard, etc.  And even though I have vowed to declutter, I did stop at a couple of yard sales on Friday.  The only thing I purchased was a box of fabric......yikes!

Oh, well, there are some really nice decorator fabrics in the box, great for pillows and pumpkins and dolls and.....can you tell I am rationalizing???  Well, it was only $10 so I am happy with my purchase.    

Well, on to more snowmen...

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