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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ping Pong Snowmen

What????  Two posts in one day???  Could it be true????  Well, I have had a busy day today.  Besides the normal household chores, I also planted potatoes, watered the plants, finished up some gift card holders and snowball buckets and made these adorable snowmen:
These were so easy that I amazed myself!  When I was at the dollar store a couple of weeks ago, I saw these ping pong balls in the toy department:

Eight for $1....what a deal.  And whenever I see round white balls, I think SNOWMEN!!!  I simply dug out some little screw-in eyelets:
I had these on hand, but you can get them anywhere.  Simply screw them into the balls (I added a little hot glue just to stabilize), paint on faces, and add a ribbon.  I tried marker instead of paint, but the marker just didn't show up very well.  I used ribbon, but you could use jute, wire, yarn, or fishing line.  I made the faces a bit different and added a powder blush when the paint was dry. 

The possibilities are endless with these.  You could leave off the hook, and pile them in a glass vase or compote for a great centerpiece.  Tie them on a package, or personalize and use as a place setting.  I know one thing, I am going back to the dollar store and buy all that they have on hand.  These will be a great seller at my shows!

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  1. Fantastic idea!!!! I might have to make a few myself! ~carolynk


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