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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Working on ornies

As I have been unpacking, I have found loads of things that I bought and never did anything with.  These items were just hanging around. 
I got several packages of these tiny little buckets at the dollar store.  They are for wedding favors and each package contains three tiny white buckets, three short pieces of ribbon, and three thank you stickers.  What to do???What to do???

So I had this red wine colored spray paint in my stash and took the little buckets outside and sprayed them.
Next, again, still trying to use from my stash, I found these little wooden balls and painted them white.  Then I covered them with mod podge and rolled them in glitter.
Now to assemble:  I tore homespun and glued it to the perimeter of the bucket.  Then I covered it with raffia and glued a small rusty star to it.  I put some fiberfill in the buckets and glued in five of the balls.  I added a small sign made of card stock.  They turned out really cute, huh?

You could change these up a bit for your own tastes.  You could paint the buckets a rust, or a black, or a more festive, brighter color.  You don't have to paint the inside since you will fill it.  You can make your balls out of styrofoam.  I ran out, so I will buy some for my next batch.  and you could trim your buckets with ribbon, rick-rack, bells, etc.  These make a cute ornament and are bound to be a good seller. 

I also made a big batch of salt shaker angels.  Again, they are made from dollar store shakers....2 for $1.  I used wooden hearts, painted white and covered front and back with glitter, for the wings.  Wooden balls, painted flesh have eyes drawn with sharpies and some blush.  I used moss (also purchased at the dollar store) for the hair, and put little gold toned halos on their heads.  The dresses were made from scraps of lace. 
The shaker is filled with that artificial snow that you get over the holidays for villages.  ( I bought a bunch of this after Christmas)  You could fill with salt or glitter but that can get a little expensive.  I sold quite a few of these at a spring show, so I think they will do well this fall.  The little ribbon bow is from the bucket kit. 
Well, on to more crafts......Have a great day.

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