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Monday, June 10, 2013

Garden Spot

Weekends are always busy here at the house.  I have been working frantically on getting my garden ready.  Here at 9000 feet elevation, gardening can be so trying.....but can also be very rewarding.  Finally my taters and onions, radishes and beets are poking through the soil, but now what I need is a peaceful place to sit and relax.  But on my budget, there are just no funds to go out and buy outdoor furniture.  Then  I remembered this old bench that I moved that went with a dining room set that I had years ago.
Yep, pretty ugly and dated.  So I gave it a light all over sanding and found some Ooops paint that I had.  (Ooops paint is paint that has been returned to the hardware store because of being the wrong shade, not matching, etc and is sold at a very deep discount.)
Better, yes....But it still needs a little more......
So I painted the spindles with some more oops paint that I had on kinda looked like a nursery bench, not a garden bench.  So I added some critter tracks....

I had a stencil for this, but you could do it free-handed as well.  I put a couple of coats of spray sealer over the entire, if I just had a nice cold drink......

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  1. I love it - I think "Chicken Tracks" would have been more appropriate.


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