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Monday, July 22, 2013

Clothespin Snowmen

Happy Monday, y'all.  Been working on these little clothespin snowmen......They can either be clipped onto the tree, onto a package, or you could put magnets on the back and clip on those holiday pictures.  I think I will use some on a jute swag to hold Christmas cards.

I bought two packages of clothespins at the dollar store. (18 in each package x 2 =36 pins for $2)  I spray painted them white with paint that I had on hand but if you bought it, it would cost about $6, total cost $8 or about twenty two cents each. 
Make sure you get all sides painted.  Then pick out the best flat side and draw a face on it.  I used a sharpie for the eyes an buttons and orange paint for a nose.  Simply tie a scrap of fabric around the spring area.  I added a little blush as well.

Cute, huh?  Well, I am off to water the garden and get ready for a research study that I am going to go to tomorrow.  Last time, I got lost so I want to print out the directions, just in case my GPS misleads me again......

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  1. Hi
    Can you please tell me if you have a tutorial for the felt Christmas trees.

    Thank you, MariaK


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