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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Rainy Sunday

It has been rainy and cloudy all day today.  I kinda like this weather.  What better way to spend Sunday afternoon than by finishing up some projects.  I got such a positive response to my Sleepytime Santa that I made three more.  By the way, these are from a pattern from Sparkles and Spirit.  I am selling the finished product for $20 each, so email me if you are interested.  I have four completed, but I have orders for two.  I added the glass of milk to these.

I also finished four of my Crescent Santas.  They are my very best seller and I have been making them for over ten years.  The pic isn't great, but I wanted you to get the idea. 

 I haven't sewn the hanger on the back yet, so I just leaned him up on the couch.    Well, another busy week ahead.  I hope to get all of these items packed away and started on some more items.  Have a great week!

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