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Friday, January 31, 2014

More upcycling!

It is a cold snowy day here in Colorado.  I always try to reuse, use up, and recycle but January is a time when I try even harder.  Last year, I harvested some Christmas bulbs from some old light sets that we were replacing.  All colors, some working, some not.
I washed and dried the bulbs and sorted by color.  Then I drilled a hole in the gold end with my drill, all the way through.  I filed the rough edges off with my belt sander.

I used a large eyed needle and threaded organza ribbon through the holes.
I coated each bulb with Mod Podge.  I love this stuff and use it for so many things!  While still wet, I covered the bulbs with glitter.

 White glitter on clear bulbs.....
 Pinkish red on red bulbs......
Hang to dry.  These make great ornies, and I sold out of the ones that I made last year.  You can repurpose, and make a little money as well.  Or give as gifts or package tie-ons!
Also to brighten my day, my daughter, Heidi, sent me a "just because" bouquet.  It made a dreary day seem so much brighter.  Love her!


Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy Monday!

Good morning, my friends!  I had a pretty relaxing weekend, but I did do some upcycling yesterday.  A few months back, I paid $10 for an entire box of decorator sampler fabric at a garage sale.  The fabrics are beautiful, but in very tiny swatches.  I cut some of them up for rag garlands, used some for pillows, and then I saw that I had a bunch of green pieces.  (When I see green or red, of course I think Christmas)
I found this little aspen tree that hubby had run over and broke off, so I cut it into pieces, approximately 1".

 Then I laid out a swatch of fabric and folded it in half to get the pattern size.  I even laid the "trunk" out just to make sure it was the right size and scale...(see where I am going with this?)
Trace.....and sew. 

 If you have the fold on the bottom, you will have to cut a small hole to turn it.
Next I turned, stuffed and glued on the trunk.  I also glued some little rusty stars to the top.

 I took my "trees" outside and sprayed them with a sealer and while still wet, I dusted lightly with this cinnamon scented glitter.
Though I will probably display them in a basket, I did add some embroidery floss behind the stars so they can also be hung.  I think they are adorable!  Just another way to use up those scraps!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Another Bunny

Well, my friends, it has been a busy week since I last posted.  Of course, I cheered on Sunday as the Broncos won the AFC championship game.  I can't wait for the Superbowl!  Monday, I just kinda hung out, cleaned house, worked in the studio.  Tuesday we had some errands to run.  Wednesday, we cut a tree down at my son's house and I split the entire thing by myself (of course, we do have a log splitter)

You can see that it is bright and sunny and unseasonably warm for Colorado in January.    On Thursday dh and I decided to move the firewood to the back deck.  He has a couple of antique tractors, one of which has a platform built on the back for just that purpose.  Long story short, I was riding on the platform with the pictured trash can, and we both flew off, me flying to the ground, head first.  Good thing I have a hard head.....Nothing broken but  boy do these old bones hurt today.  I have to force myself to get moving. 

I did finish another bunny.  This one is all fabric, approx 17 inches tall.  I have made her from a shaggy plush felt.  She is so soft!

I've placed a hanger so that she can either sit or hang on a wall.  She comes with a couple of raggedy eggs too.  Check out my Etsy shop to get more info.
Well back to chores, my friends.  I have homemade veggie soup in the crock pot, so my dinner is done.   If only I can wait that long...... 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Here comes Peter Cottontail.....

Just wanted to post a short one before the big game kick off in about an hour.  I finally finished up my bunny so I wanted to post her pic. 

She stands 25 inches tall.  Her hat is trimmed in ribbon and ribbon roses and the carrot is made of felt, with felt and raffia "leaves".  I will be offering her in my Etsy shop for $24.99 plus shipping, but I won't be able to get her listed until tomorrow.  If you want one, email me.  I have two completed, will take orders. 

Well, gotta get my Broncos shirt on!  Talk to you soon!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bunnies and Angels

Been working on some more items for Spring.  The first is a wooden angel (I made two).  She is not quite finished.  She will hold a candle box with a light in it (that's why there is a hole in the middle.)  I have a bunch of these lights, but I gotta get my bum over to the storage unit to figure out where I put them.

The angels are about 3 feet tall, made from 2 x 6, 1 x 6, and plywood.  The hair is made from jute and the star/halo is removable. 

I also have been making long-legged bunnies.  She too, is not quite finished.  When I get her done, she will hold a carrot and will wear a hat.  I really like this little girl.

What 'cha think?

Monday, January 6, 2014

Thinking Spring

Even though the temps outside are dipping below the zero mark and we still have quite a bit of snow around,  I am dreaming of flowers and bunnies and Spring. I have been cutting out some Spring items and some of my new wood line are coming along just fine.  This bunny is a bit more primitive than  I usually do, but I like her.  I will be listing her and her four sisters on Etsy tomorrow, so if you want to check her out in my shop, click here.

The bunny stands 16 inches tall, is about 3 1/2 inches wide and a little over 1 3/4 inches deep.  She is made completely of wood and holds a burlap bag with sunflowers.  A rusty star trims her collar and bag.  She has wire whiskers. 
Well, back to work, my bloggies.  More bunnies to do!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!

Our holidays were great this year.  My two youngest granddaughters spent five days with us before Christmas, and though exhausting, it was so much fun.  We shopped, wrapped gifts, made cookies and did crafts. 

I usually make some of the gifts that I give each year.  This is the "ugly Christmas sweater" I made for my grandson.  The tree even lights up!

He loved it!
I am now getting ready for some Spring shows.  I had the body of this doll already put together.  I call her Melody beause of the musical notes on her dress.  She is currently listed in my Etsy store.
I have also finished some pillows and have cut out some new bunny items.  I am going to try my hand at woodworking too.  Santa brought me a new sander and I have a band saw and jig saw that have hardly been used.
I hope your 2014 is going to be great!  Happy, happy New Year!