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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Baby, baby,, that is!

I love babies, and their antique clothing and shoes.  Whenever I can find vintage baby things, I get them, even if they are mismatched shoes.
I wipe them clean and remove the laces.  Then, I just let the shoes kind of "speak" to me.  I like the retro feel of this shoe that I added some lace and painted with regular acrylic paints:

Then just put a little tea lite in the top.
I also like the idea of the old-time bronzed shoes.  I got this effect from mixing some brown paint with some bronze metallic paint and added a tatted lace tie.

 I made two of these.  I had one shoe left, so I stuffed it with tissue and white washed it.  I like a bit of the age to show through.  The ties are white organza ribbon and then I sparkled it up with a craft crystal and some teeny, tiny glass beads:

These shoes will be available on my Etsy site......and don't forget about my 20% off sale.....all items are included!

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