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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thrifty Thursday

If you know me, you know that I am thrifty.  I love to coupon, repurpose and reuse.  I've been working on doing some cleaning and organizing in my studio, aka my third bedroom, and I was amazed at how much lace I have.  I did purchase a stash from my friend Jean, but I have so much.  Now, I'm not really a lacy kinda gal, but  do like some shabby chic and Victorian items if they aren't too ornate.  So.....drum roll, new ornie:

The ornie is made of antique white felt and is trimmed in lace, assorted trims, buttons, and even some pearls.  While I was at it, I decided to try my hand at making a pattern.  I have sold patterns before, but never an e-pattern.  So, since this is my first crack at it, I am offering it to you for free!!!  Just click on the pic of the ornie on the side bar and the pattern is yours.    I am going to walk you through it just in case you have an issue with it:

I used an antique white colored felt.  You could use any color or could use flannel, terry, warm and natural batting or even fleece.  Just be careful that the fabric is sturdy enough.  I used three thicknesses of this light weight felt but with a fleece you might get by with two and you may have to use four thicknesses if you use a lighter weight fabric such as flannel.

For this size star, I cut three rectangles approximately 5 x 7 1/2 inches.  I traced the star onto one thickness of felt only.  Then I flipped over the rectangle and laid out my lace and trims on the unmarked side.  I totally covered the rectangle with a large lace scrap and then added my ribbon and smaller scraps randomly.  I pinned them in place and sewed along the small pieces to keep them in place.  I guess you could glue them or hand stitch them, but I used my machine.  Then I flipped it back over and stitched along the traced line. 

Cut out the star a little outside your stitching line.  About a quarter of an inch is about right.  Then place your cut out, lace trimmmed star right side up on top of your remaining two rectangles.

If you are going to make this as an ornament, cut a piece of ribbon or lace and insert the loop between the top and second layer.  Pin in place and sew entirely around the star on the stitch lines.  Cut the bottom two layers, using the star on top as your guide.  I used a pinking shears to give it a jagged edge.  Also, if you are using a fabric that ravels, you may want to pink to reduce the fraying.  Fray check can also be used for fraying if you want to use a scissors.  Felt, fleece, batting will not fray. 

Then finish!  Be creative.  I used two buttons.  Either sew or glue them on.  I added a ribbon bow and some pearly beads to finish it off.  If you want to make this a brooch, simply glue or sew on a pin back.  If I were going to make this a pin, I might even add additional lace ruffles to the back.  You could use old jewelry, charms, sequins, bells, etc.  Have fun with this!!!

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  1. This is REALLY sweet! Thank you so much for sharing your pattern :D


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