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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What 'cha workin' on Wednesday???

In my quest for a less cluttered studio, I came across these paintbrushes so I decided to make them up and put them away for my fall shows.  I have already written a tutorial on how to do this (look it up in the archives by date:  October 2012 or simply type paint brush into the search bar at the top of the blog)  But I thought I would revisit it by showing you my pics;

These are easy enough for kids, but there is some hot glue involved.  You could use a tacky glue if you want, but you then have to allow time for the glue to dry and set up.  The mustache could be made of teardrops or squares, or triangles, etc., but I had a load of these little hearts, so rule #1.....use what you have.  You can really get creative with these too, different colors, different designs, trims, etc.  You could make them more primitive or more modern.  Have fun with them.

A little tip.  If you make ornaments for craft shows like I do, store like items in baggies.  For these large ornaments, I store them in gallon zip lock bags.  If you start mixing items, they are harder to find when you are restocking and they tend to tangle. 

Have a great day, my peeps.  Sis is taking me to breakfast for my bday tomorrow.  Can't wait!

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