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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What 'cha workin' on Wednesday?

I have had a busy week since I last posted.  Friday morning, I met up with my son in law to pick up my two year old grand, Addyson.  I had a great time with her, even though she used a pen on my leather furniture, did her own make up with my eyeliner, and threw her dinner under the table for the dogs to eat.  I took her back home to Cheyenne on Sunday afternoon and spent the night with her.  Her eight year old sis and I made cupcakes and we all went shopping.  I spent Tuesday recouping.

I have had a wooden boat oar for probably about ten years.  I had painted one at a painting class that I took and I guess I had good intentions of painting more.  Well, I didn't.  So I dug it out of my workshop, and inspired by a snowman I saw on Pinterest, I did this:

All I did was cut out a hat brim from some scrap lumber and a nose.  I think he looks so cute.  Now I wish I had more paddles!

My daughter Heidi is moving and she asked me if I wanted some fabric.  She has her hands full with a full time job, a part time job, goes to school working on her PHD, and has a two year old, 8year old, and a part time four year old step son.  She makes me tired just thinking about it.

So, anyone who sews, knows to never turn down fabric.  But I didn't know quite how much she had......

Well, this should keep me busy for a while......and I have some great ideas for more things to come!  Stay tuned!

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