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Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Morning Spoons

I've been trying to add some new ornies to my line so with the help of Pinterest, I am making these snowmen spoons. 

These were really easy, the hardest part was bending the spoons.  First I used painters tape to mask off anything that I didn't want painted.  Then I spray painted primer  on back of the spoon bowl.  My primer experience was torn from the pages of an "I Love Lucy" script, since the new can of primer did not want to spray.  I got a straight pin and stuck it down into the can to clear the clog and then the can would not quit spraying.  I had primer in my hair, on my clothes, skin, and shoes.  What a mess.  So hopefully your experience with primer will be better than mine.

 I let the primer dry overnight, then simply painted on faces with acrylic paints.  I added bows and glued on a couple of charms where I actually broke the end of the spoons.    I think these will really do well at my shows and look forward to doing more.  These spoons are cheapies that I purchased at Wally World, but if you have some laying around the house, they would work fine.  Or what about a  baby spoon that your baby has outgrown?  These are tablespoons, but teaspoons would work too.  Have fun with this little craft!  I am thinking about measuring spoons with gingerbread faces!

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  1. I started reading you blog about a month ago and look forward to every new post! You have a lot of new ideas that inspire me.


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