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Friday, May 9, 2014

Pattern preservation, Garage Sales

Yesterday, I was cutting out a new pattern, so I thought I would share a few ideas on preserving patterns that you want to use in the future.  Most craft patterns are e-patterns these days, but some are still paper patterns.  All of the major pattern makers (Simplicity, McCalls, Buttterick, etc) also carry craft patterns.  If you liked the pattern well enough to buy it, chances are, you may want to reuse it.  First of all. make copies of all of the pattern pieces.  You can reprint pages from an epattern, use a copier, or even trace.  Just copy onto regular paper.   You might want to mark on the individual pieces either the name or number of the pattern.  Cut them out. 

I hope you have a laminator.  If not, its a great investment.  They sell them at most craft stores, places like Harbor Freight, office supply stores or some department stores.  Shop on line and use coupons to reduce the price.  Place as many of the pieces in a laminating sheet.  These are sold in the same places where you buy the laminator.  The sheets are double and are connected on one end.  They will look cloudy like this:

Once you run them through the laminator, they come out clear and stiff.  Notice that this sheet has info such as eye placement, measured cuts, etc.
 Then cut out.
I keep the original patterns in a plastic bag.  Use whatever size you need to hold all of the pieces plus the original pattern.  The bag will keep all of the pieces together.

Its Garage Sale time and I love it!  I only stopped at one today but hit a Christmas bonanza!
This guy is over 20 inches tall, made of wood, and in perfect condition.  Only $1!

 Two pots and a cup, enamelware,  hand painted winter scenes,  $3.50 for all three.
Glass hand painted plate for $1.

 Sweet stuffed Santa for $.50!
 Assorted ornaments, some to fill, some to hang.
All, in all, I spent $9.  What a deal!
Got flowers delivered today from my son and his family!  Gotta love mom's day!  Hope all of you have a great one as well!

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