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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What 'cha Workin' on Wednesday?

Wednesday morning, my laundry is caught up, the house is clean (except for the studio, of course) and I have been working on several projects.  I finished up another snowman.  He is made from the Seymore pattern, but I changed up the hat a bit and omitted the pie pan,
I know, the pic could've been better....

I also made this little star:

Isn't this cute?  You will never guess how I did it!  The star is made out of paint sticks!  I cut off the top curvy part and then roughly cut the stick in half,  Then, using wood glue, I glued it together in the shape of a star. I used clothes pins to clamp it together while the glue dried.  After it was dry, I painted it black and once dry, I wrapped twine around the tips.  This covers up the excess glue and rough edges.  Added a bow, some greenery, and a piece of twine for hanging.  So simple!  Hint:  Dollar tree sells twine like this, really light weight, three rolls in a package for only $1!  I use it for hair, and things where heavy jute is just too thick.

I also used up more scraps and made up some more bookmarks.  These are great gifts to add to a book, a teacher's gift or a journal.

These are really simple!  I sold a ton of these last year at several of my shows!

Well I am off to go to my granddaughter's continuation today.  I cannot believe she will be a freshman in high school next year.

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