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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What 'cha Workin' on Wednesday??

More spoons, of course.  But this time with a twist.  I decided to try something new on the spoon ornies, and now I wish I had done all of them this way:

If you want to make some spoon ornies like this, let me tell you how.  These spoons were some el cheapos that my friend Dawn picked up at Costco.  They are great because they bend easily and the handles are not ornate so you can easily paint over them.  Bending is the first thing you do.  I used a vice that is built in to my workbench and clamped the bowl of the spoon in to it.  I then used some heavy duty pliers and grabbed the handle and bent it toward the back of the bowl.  I did put a piece of scrap fabric over the area that I gripped with the pliers so as not to scratch it.  Then I took all of my spoons outside and sprayed some gray primer on it.  When you are painting the handles like this, you will need to spray both front and back.  You will also want to be sure to get up into the bent "neck" of the spoon.  Then paint!  I'm not goin' to lie to you.  It takes several coats of the white and the red (I use light buttermilk and barn red) to get a good coverage.  The blue was easier.  You will need to paint the front and back.  When completely dry, add the fur trim.  I use Snowtex.

You can get this stuff at any craft store.  I have had the one bottle for years.  If it starts to dry out, just add a little water and mix it up well.  It is very dimensional, so use a scruffy brush to apply it.  The key to using this, is to let it dry overnight.  And....note to not let the cat alone in the studio with partially dried spoons.
Put your finishing touches on the next morning....paint on the faces, add polka dots, and finish off with a clear sealer.  If you are going to make multiples, be sure to wrap them before packing to avoid scratching.
So there you have it!  Another spoon idea!  Happy crafting~!

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